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Gibson J200 True Vintage - How does it sound?

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ed wright : tony telecaster
Mike Anthony : Are those electric guitar strings? They look nickel
Eric Ryan Sound : Just got this! Wow!!
Carlin : Townshend love's this guitar.
George E : 3... 2... 1...
George Summit : ...
Admiral Beowulf : my dream guitar
Marco Vianello : Dumb question... is it amplified or not? Nobody mention
seurin francois : the music u.play over and over need change boring
bronxbomber52 : Strings! Strings! nobody talks about Strings! Rosewood moustache bridge...big freakin' deal. What freakin' gauge strings are you playing for chrisakes!

Gibson 2019 J-200 Standard Acoustic-Electric Guitar

For more info: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-2019-j-200-standard-acoustic-electric-guitar?source=3GOA6FRC

Speak to a Private Reserve guitar advisor: 1-866-926-1923

1:05 - Hybrid picking
1:33 - Drop-D finger picking
2:05 - Flat picking
2:43 - Strumming

This guitar was played out of the box with factory strings, no additional set-up and no audio post production. The track was finished without any kind of EQ or compression.

Serial# 12018061, Weight: 5.23 lbs. / 2.37 Kg.

(2) Shure SM81s → → Universal Audio 2-610 Silverface Dual Channel Mic Pre

Recorded at Musician’s Friend in December 2018.
zcparijataka : The L-00 that you demoed seemed to sound so much more full! I wonder if it's due to the micing differences?
John Mccabe : Another one is the bat's in flight or doves in flight Gibson dreadnought acoustic is $10,000 and its way insane. Way. WAY INSANE
Mr. Thunderwolf : That's huge!
Jonathan Haigh : This guitar sounds amazing. A couple of years until I'm 40. I've gotta get me one. Love em!
Terry Grady : I just had one of these in for a setup, I have to say it was one of the worst guitars I have ever seen. How it ever got past the inspection at the factory I wonder. Above the 12 fret all frets are raised and buzzing like hell. The back of the neck you can feel the skunk stripe and lumpy varnish. There are sharp frets, worst setup ever that was very hard to hold down bar chords at the 5th fret with a bad bow. Saddle on the bridge was way too high, the thing was unplayable. For the price it was ultra disgusting. All I can say is Trump needs to work harder to make America great again.
REBELS PROPHET : Whoa! What a Professional. You are amazing! Tell us, What is the name of the tune beginning@ 2:06? [Performed by Strunz & Farah?]
REBELS PROPHET : As thou the looks of this Guitar is the looks of the J-200 of "Greg Lake Edition" of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. If not! "Gibson should consider the Honour.". Gregg Lake of ELP made your J - 200 famous. As i sit and knock around on a 1975 Hohner. {Martin D-41 design.} I am thinking of the J-200 over the Martin D-41. What sayest thou?
Kölen : I'm just thinking of Elvis Presley when I see that guitar!
Dave Alexander : Own one
Harry Balls : This is the guitar that many players aspire to. Too bad almost nobody can afford it.

Gibson J200 vs Epiphone EJ200 | Expensive vs Cheap | Sound Comparison

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Joseph Galligher : Epiphone is a little brighter and does not have that deeper jumbo sound like I would expect but it could depend on string/set up too. Both are nonetheless exceptional sounding instruments.
David Copeland : The best honest comparison of the two guitars I have found good job..
Varun Gupta : Which all songs were covered in this comparison video
Monkey Musician : Both are great.Gibson high/mid more crystal soundstage wider than Epiphone and low more deeper !!! ❤️
Richard Purdom : It seems like the Epiphone was easier for you to play! Sounds on both were excellent but I think I preferred the Epiphone over the Gibson all around.
In Home Trainer Oakville : I think the differences in quality between the two is more evident with the acoustics. The Gibson wins there. But with electrics, I see virtually no difference. I mean if the wood is decent, the neck is good, the pickups are good, and the amp is good, you'll get the exact same sound. I have a bunch of guitars, both Gibson and Epiphone Les Pauls, and also a Gibson and Fender acoustics.
Mike C : really no comparison for me - gibson on all counts for finesse and richness of tone
Easy Linux : A little tip for those who can't afford the Gibson variety. If you get a graph tech nut, saddle, and bridge pins for the Epiphone version it'll vastly improve the sound. Don't get me wrong, the Epiphone sounds good out of the box, hands down. However, just simple little modifications like that will make it play even better. The best part is the graph tech Epiphone style nut needs very little sanding done on it since it is the correct height.
John Cox : I'll take the Gibson!
raytheprinter : Gibson sounded better to my ears.Good work sir!




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